Behavior Driven Development in practice

This tutorial describes how to create, run and modify Behavior Driven Development tests for an example application. You will learn about test automation tool for GUI testing called Squish. In this tutorial Squish most frequently used features are presented and by the end you will have the skills necessary to begin writing tests for your own applications.


Watch our 6 minute introduction to Behavior Driven GUI Test Automation.

Customize Tutorial

I want to automate tests for applications which use the following UI toolkit:

I want to implement tests in the following scripting language:



BDD in practice

Principles of Behavior Driven Development & Implementation Strategies using Squish


The two day classroom-based training is conducted by froglogic engineers, trained experts in both BDD and Squish.

  • Introduction to principles of Behavior Driven Development
  • Implementing BDD in Squish GUI Tester
  • Advanced Topics in BDD
  • Advanced Topics in Squish GUI Tester
  • Examples and Hands-on Labs throughout

Following the training attendees are well equipped to create and automate tests following the principles of BDD using Squish.

  • Location determined by customer
  • Tailored to meet your needs (optional)
  • Review potential challenges automating your application
  • Develop best practices for automating your application

  • Location: Hamburg, Germany
  • Offered periodically (demand-based)
  • Alternative to individual or small team training


Consulting Services

Hands-on BDD and GUI automation consulting services led by a froglogic engineer and industry expert


  • Learn from experts in developing stat-of-the-art automated testing solutions
  • Guided implementation of well-designed stories and high-quality tests
  • Begin or expand an automated testing implementation using BDD
  • Gain skills to continue implementing high-quality tests independently

Mentoring Services

froglogic mentors provide expert assistance when encountering a problem


  • froglogic mentors are assigned and made directly available for you
  • Familiar with your project, mentors help recommend strategies or changes to improve tests
  • When encountering an issue, mentors build extensive examples to help get you back on track
  • Mentors incorporate best practices into examples and recommendations

About Squish

Squish is the leading cross-platform, multi-technology GUI test automation tool for functional GUI regression testing. Companies across all industries through out the world use Squish to drastically reduce the time spent regression testing software releases while increasing the quality of their applications.

Squish supports test automation for applications built using Java (Swing/AWT, SWT/Eclipse RCP and JavaFx), native Windows, Mac OS X, Apple iOS, Android, QtQuick/QML, Flex and several other technologies, including Web-based applications using AJAX.

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